Why see a cardiologist


Heart conditions and heart disease are common and can be serious. Many people experience symptoms which could be arising from the heart – perhaps you suspect that yourself or perhaps your GP, friend or relative has suggested that might be the case. Sometimes benign conditions can mimic heart symptoms, but unfortunately the reverse is also true – like angina mimicking indigestion. It is my job to find out whether symptoms do arise from the heart, and if they do to treat them appropriately.

Cardiovascular risk

Many of us are concerned about what we can do to minimise our risk of cardiovascular disease including heart attacks and strokes. In some cases a family member or friend has had a problem and this makes us look at our own risk. Why see a cardiologist? Well, because Cardiologists are well placed to look at an individuals risk and help to minimise it by lifestyle and if necessary by medication or other intervention.

Chance findings

I often see patients in whom something unusual has been found by chance. A slight abnormality on an ECG for example, or maybe a murmur heard by a doctor listening to the heart with a stethoscope. It is always sensible to get these things checked out – they may be important and if so are highly likely to benefit from treatment.